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Dr Scott Prasser is presently Director of the Sunshine Coast Research Institute for Business Enterprise (SCRIBE), at the University of Sunshine Coast and Senior Lecturer in Management in Faculty of Business.

Scott has worked in a number of different senior policy advisory and research positions in both of State and Federal government departments including the Queensland departments of Premier and Cabinet, State Development and Tourism, Industry and Small Business.

Scott has published extensively on a wide range of issues in public administration and public policy. Topics include:

  • royal commissions and public inquiries;
  • public sector reform and change;
  • non-Labor politics;
  • privatisation and national parks;
  • managing cutbacks; and
  • regional development.

Scott’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours) and Master of Public Administration from the University of Queensland and a doctorate from Griffith University on Commonwealth Public Inquiries.

Scott has won several academic awards including, Scholar of the Year from the University of Southern Queensland .



Key co-edited publications include:

  • Policy and Change: The Howard Mandate
  • Policymaking in Volatile Times
  • Business-Government Relations:Concepts and Issues
  • National Parks: Private Sector’s Role
  • The Menzies Era: A Reappraisal of Government, Politics & Policy
  • Corruption and Reform: The Fitzgerald Vision
  • Advising Government: Advisory Processes in the Hawke and Keating Governments
  • Was EARC Worth It?
  • Administrative Restructuring and Reform in Australian Government
  • Keeping Them Honest: Democratic Reform in Queens /and
  • Amalgamate or Perish? Non-Labor Parties in Australia , School of Management : USQ, 1990

Journal articles and chapters

“Auditors-General in Australia : An Institution Under Threat,” in The Oxford Companion to Australian Politics, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2004 (to be published in 2005)

“Poor Decisions, Compliant Management and Reactive Change: The Public Sector in 2003, Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 63, No 1, March 2004, 94-103

“Time to review All Senior Appointments in Government,” Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration, No 108, June 2003, 77

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Articles on inquiries

“Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries: Scope and Uses,” in P. Weller, (ed), Royal Commissions and the Making of Public Policy, Melbourne: Macmillan, 1994, 1-21 and 267-287

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Articles in journals of public opinion

“Confusion over Rau Inquiry and why we don’t need a royal commission,” The Australian, 15 February 2005

“New approach to public sector in Queensland ,” National Update, Institute of Public Administration , September 1997, 4

“Liberals Battle for Relevance,” Courier-Mail, 28 April 1997

‘The Decline and the Decline of the CJC in Queensland ,” Institute of Public Administration, National Newsletter, March 1997

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